September 10, 2010

Sweet 4 year old needs a family.

Has God been tugging at your heart? Do you want to adopt but don't know who, how or when? Are you in the process and just waiting on the Lord to direct you to your new child? Maybe you haven't even started the process but you want to.
 How about sweet Gang Gang.   He is from Chengdu which is the same orphanage as Jax and Sophie.  In fact Jax recognized him when he saw these pictures.

Gang Gang has a repaired cleft lip and palate and will be 5 this Oct 11. He is in the Half the Sky foundation's little sister program.  Please prayerfully consider adding this little one to your family or please pray that a family will come forward for him.
 He is also on the individual list of the same agency we worked with, BAAS.  They are awesome and will help you bring him home as soon as possible. Their SN coordinator is very nice to work with and seems to answer your emails 24/7.  Please contact me for more info at, I would be happy to help you anyway I can.

A little more info:

He has normal motor
development. He runs and jumps freely and he is nimble
and quick to react. In terms of his language ability, he
understand what is said to him and he can accurately express
himself. Because he is postoperative cleft lip and palate, the
pronunciation of some words are not completely accurate but
it has no effect on the communication.

Gang Gang is very self-sufficient. He feeds and dresses
himself, goes potty on his own and cooperate when taking a
shower. He is very capable. He makes his bed every morning.
Before going to bed at night, he helps to put the shoes of
other children in order. Gang Gang is studying in the program
provided by the CWI. He is bright, lively and loves to play with
other children.He likes to eat sweets and fruit. He is not a
picky eater He likes to watch T. V. especially watch cartoons.


Amber said...

So precious! Wish I could!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tina,

We were in China last May to adopt our little boy Liu han Hui (born March 12, 2009) We are a Dutch couple and we got a photobook and I think I have a photo of your son Jax. Maybe you can give me your emailadres than I will send you de scanned photo.

greatings Esmeralda

Tina said...

Here is my email.