February 13, 2010


So, I was reading my bible this morning....and this just kept coming to me. So, I figured what does it hurt to share. Even though my flesh was like "ok people are really gonna think you are weird."...(what's new).

I am reading a daily devotional bible and the past couple of days have been on the crucifixion. I just don't understand how people don't see that it was ALL of God on the cross. Here is me point. My name is Tina. I am a daughter, mother, wife, aunt, cousin, sister, friend, ..I play many roles BUT I am still just ONE person with ONE name. Tina

"HE is Alpha, Omega,...... for unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace,... Lamb of God, Lord, Light, burning bush, bright and morning star, my comforter, etc."
and so many other names and roles I can't list them all. "Great is the mystery of godliness GOD was manifest in the flesh". BUT he still just has ONE name. Jesus! "Hear O Israel the Lord our God is ONE LORD." (please pardon all of my paraphrasing if you want to know verse locations just send me an email or leave a comment....due to being a busy mom, I am typing this very quickly as my children are cooking breakfast with their father and I must hurry, if I don't want to spend the rest of my day cleaning the kitchen!)

Isn't that sooo awesome that the God of ALL creation died for you and me? I just can't get over it this morning and I am sooooo thankful! My heart is full! And I just wanted to share...


Amber said...

Amen, sister! =)

It's pretty stinking awesome, isn't it? And just a wee bit hard for my little brain to comprehend...He loves ME! =)

Melody said...

I totally agree! What an AWESOME God he is!

Kim said...

Thanks for that sweet reminder. I am going to try to spend more time emersed in my bible rather than on the computer. Hope you have a great week. Love, Kim
PS Come on LOA's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle O said...

And he is ALL we need!!!