January 7, 2010

The Girls/ Meagan is old.

I scare myself in this pic.

The Mom-Mobile(notice Linzi's "wild" look

Wow, my nails look 30(look at the lady eating the chip)

Ashley has fingernails,,yes we were wild!

I see Linzi's elbow..pretty wild

It started with Meagan turning 30 and a spend the night party! I cannot believe my dear friend is now 30!!! I used to feel sooo much older than her but now I don't even mind saying I am 33!!! Cuz now we are both having to check the box 30-35. :)

So we planned one of our infamous "girls gone wild" parties. Which is really a joke because we are actually pretty boring, strict pentecostals so just the name "girls gone wild" makes us laugh even harder. I hope your following this..(Linzi this is for you). So Linzi, Josh, Ashley, Stephen and Taylor all spent the night on Friday,,,,uhhh notice who is missing? Yes, that would be the 30 year OLD birthday girl who is now much too sophisticated for our spend the night parties. We stayed up till around 2am playing Wii carnival. My arm is still sore(it's a miracle I was able to save the dog). Then we got up and got ready. (let me know when you notice something "wild"). Laura was the saviour of the day b/c she kept all the kids!! THANK YOU LALA! Well, our first "wild" idea was to take the 12 passenger van! Whoo HOO!! Yes, all 4 of us crammed in...it was tight. We are really starting to get crazy! Since it was Meagan's birthday we let her pick the restaurant and she picked Konomi. Well, guess what? We pulled up...it took me 15 minutes to get parked in the mom-mobile we get out in the cold and it is closed. SOOOO we decided we would be angry and throw rocks and burn the building down....NOW THAT would be wild. But obviously since we are not sitting in jail right now we did not do that. Instead we went to the next best restaurant. Superior Grill! There we got really crazy and ordered 2 DINNER size (even though it was lunch..remember we are "wild") chicken fajitas. (I even got sour cream). So then we basically stared at people and tried to figure out if this person at the next table was a man or woman. Never did figure it out. Well, since we were really getting crazy now we decided to go Home Goods and Bed Bath and Beyond and of course Brewsters for ice cream!
It was seriously the most fun I have had in a long time and I got to be with my favorite people and I cannot wait to do it again!!!!


Amber said...

Sounds like a wild time to me! Love the random photos....you girls are crazy. =)

Melody said...

What fun, wild times!!! Great way to celebrate the big 30!

laura081 said...

Ya"ll need to calm down and quit being so wild! Where are Ashley and ZZ's coats at it was freezin that day! Glad you had a good time :) Lala

The Wisener's said...

Aawww, I love it when friends get together and have that kind of fun. It's the kind that only they share...together!
Love ya

Just the 4 of Us said...

Great pics...and love the WILD story...LALA is great to take all those kids!!!! WOW!