October 14, 2009

Button Bear

Two weeks ago Sophie had the privilege of bringing Button Bear home from pre-school. We were to take Button with us everyday and let him share in our daily activities. Well, our first trip was to the grocery store where Sophie and Button helped me pick out yummy treats. Then we went home and made some fall crafts with grandma and siblings. The next day we took Button with us for Sophie's 4 year check up. She had to get 3 shots (Button declined his shots). Then we got to take Button with us to celebrate grandpa's 65th birthday!! Button also was able to meet Sophie's Great Uncle and Aunt from Wisconsin(who also brought us yummy veggies from their garden). We are sure Button was pretty exhausted when he headed back to school on Tuesday.


Lacie-n-Kadensmom said...

how fun! I remember doing something like this in 1st grade I think. I thought it was so AWESOME!!

Amber said...

I love how proud she was to have him with her for the weekend! Cute pics!