September 20, 2009

Chengdu Gals

One of the highlights of our trip to Orlando was meeting up with two Chengdu adoption families. My friend Marye who lives in Atlanta was in Orlando w/ her family and had us come to their condo and enjoy pizza and swimming. We were also able to meet Diana and her sweet daughter Robiana who is also from Chengdu. Diana and Robiana live in the Orlando area. Robiana was adopted in March 2006 and Sophie in Dec 2006. So the girls were most likely in the orphanage together although Robiana is a year older. Marye's 2 girls are also both from Chengdu. She has a sweet 3 yr old son and is currently adopting another son from Chengdu and we are about in the same place in our paper chasing. The kids all had a blast together and I was so glad for Sophie to meet her Chengdu "cousins"!


Shower of blessings! said...

Tina~ It was so wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family. Robiana still talks about Sophie, Iris and Anna. She had a great time! And so did I. :-) I will be checking for travel updates for your new son. Blessings! Diana

Anonymous said...

The girls are sooo adorable!