August 17, 2009

It starts...

So, today was our official first day of school. As tradition has it we stayed in our pajamas till the last possible minute and then we had a "NO back to school" party dinner with friends.  Sophie missed her nap today and fell asleep tonight sweet are these pics! All it takes is for her to actually HOLD STILL and sleep will come, it is the whole holding still part that she has trouble with. I wish you could see a really good picture of her clothes. She always wants to wear a tank top. So she has on a purple tank top, white t shirt, purple tie dye dress and blue pajama pants...she had a tiara on earlier...who knows where that went!


Sammy said...

Haha! That's great ;) They look sooooo tired!!
The Cake looks yummy! La Chrisha told me you went to PEAK this year so bummed I wasn't able to make it am def going for sure next year!!!
Love and Miss ya hope to see you and the family @
No Limits 2010!

Aaron and Erica said...

How fun! You are a great mom and teacher :)

Ashley said...

I want to homeschool Rylan, but I'm afraid I'm not smart enough! You do a great job with your kids. I WANT THE CAKE!!! :) Love you guys.

Brooke said...

Ha Ha I love EG's face! I'm pretty sure that's whatt I look like in my 8 am classes...i dont know how I passed, I'm usually zoned out. lol Your kids are so amazingly smart!!!
The cake looks "mui delicioso" (cue Swiper no swiping lol)
And Tyler is getting so big! I mean, I know there's only like a 7 years difference between us but still, I remember when he was in my Scunday School class!! tear tear
haha Love ya!

Tina said...

Sammy- We won't be making No Limits this year..we have to save our moo-lah for our trip to China!

Ashley- I promise you if I can homeschool you can homeschool! you are definitely smart enough!

Brooke- Tell me about it..Tyler is growing like a weed! we joke he has a hollow leg b/c he eats so much we don't know where he puts it!

Thanks Erica!

Sammy said...

Aw bummer but that is so exciting?!?!
So are you guys adopting another child?