December 12, 2008

2 year Gotcha!!

Yesterday was our 2 year gotcha day. I simply cannot believe it! The time has just flown.  It feels like we have always had Sophie, and I can't believe she spent the first 19 mos of her life w/ out us.
 We started yesterday morning laying in the bed and showing Sophie pictures of herself in the orphanage and the pictures of the day we came home w/ her. We talked about the day mommy and daddy came to get her in China.  I had the kids write letters to Sophie..of course this totally made me cry. Then we went to children's theatre. We let Sophie pick out where we should eat. She had a hard time picking between McDonalds and Chinese buffet, but the buffet won out in the end!  Sophie has grown leaps and bounds and is truly a joy in our lives.  She is definitely trying at times but nothing more so than any other 3 year old. She is such a little diva and everyone is constantly reminding me of how much I wanted a "girly" girl! She loves to change clothes constantly..loves shoes, loves to get her hair fixed.(like Amber's, or a braid like Lody) She can put her hair in a ponytail by herself.  She like's to change her name and have us call her Brooke, or Hannah or AntieRay. She is just too funny!  She loves to sass her older siblings and that really irritates them which makes her want to sass them all the more! I was really worried about what kind of letter's they were going to write to her! I told them they could be anything about Sophie (memories, poem etc.) lol.  I tried to take pictures of the letter's but they wouldn't show so I am going to type them. Grammatical errors and all.

Here is Tyler's:
2 things I remember the most about Sophie is that her hair was short and she was small. Now its hard for me to hold her without my arms breaking and me getting a mouthful of hair! I feel sad to know how fast she is growing.


Dear Sophie to me you are a trophie       (omg I loved that  line)
you have shown me how to believe
and how to deceive                         (what!! lol she is a major trickster)
and may you have another great year.


Sophie is the sweetest sister in the whole wide world. here are some memories of her
I remember Sophie always wanted mommy and never daddy, I remember how she did sign language, I remember how her first word was apple. but more importantly she needed love and care, so i think she got the perfect family in the whole wide world.


Melody said...

I LOVE THOSE LETTERS! I am for real crying over here....too sweet! I remember how serious Sophie was. Oh she has learned to laugh, love and embrace the world. She has fit perfectly into your family. A TRUE PIERCE!

Mary Frances said...

Awww!!! That is sooooo sweet!!! The whole thing!!! I love how you guys call it Gotcha day!!! That is really neat!! I think adoption is soooo cool!!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Tina! How precious are those letters! I can't believe it's been two years already!! WOW!!! Seems like just yesterday we were at the IAC and Burt was making fun of the 'laughing lady'!!! Give that sweet girl a hug for me!

Love ya!

Matt said...

from Kaitlin: How sweet!!!!! Thanks for letting me come.
from Kayla: I am so glad Sophie is home where she belongs!
from Matt: That is just great that she can be a part of our lives for years to come. Right now she is watching Shirley Temple and you are cooking.


Laura said...

Awe! It does feel like Sophie has been here forever. I remember seeing her for the 1st time on Skype how tiny and pretty she was, and then in person at the airport.(love at 1st sight) She was so little!! And yes serious. She had a audience her first bath! Remember how she used to walk around holding onto your finger/hand? She is just a princess! She even won over Uncle Bart without much work :) We love you Sophie Ru and are so happy that God chose you for the Pierce family. And yes I am and will ALWAYS be your "Lala"
Love Uncle Bart, Aunt Lala, Kaitlin and Nick

Alana Tschida said...

Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kids are just awesome!
I am so glad that Sophie got to come into a family like yours. God is so good.

Amberlin Dawn said...

So Precious!! Sophie is Definitly a treasure...and what a personality she has!!
Love you guys so much!

Kay Bratt said...

Happy Gotcha Day! What cute kids--

just passing thru,


The Isbell Family said...

Yep I think I'm going to cry!!!!! its families like yours that make a diff and that is what you guys have done in Sophies life I myself hope one day We can make a world of a difference in a childs life We love Sophie and we love your whole family you guys are an inspiration to us and we look up to you guys!!! lot of love from the Isbell fam