August 17, 2007

One week down...

As you can tell, we really dress up for school!

EG's new kitten

Sissy held the kitty so I have to hold the kitty

WoW! We started school Monday. It has been a new experience homeschooling with a toddler in the mix. Monday was by far the hardest day as we tried to figure out how to keep Sophie happy AND quiet. Needless to say Bert came to the rescue. The rest of the week she has been in and out of the room playing with play-doh, coloring and leaving a total mess wherever she has been! She likes to have water on her little desk just like the big kids...and she likes to have a book in front of her too! I tried to camcord a little bit today. Notice how many times the name "mom" is said. It seems if I leave the school room for a minute EVERYONE suddenly needs my help. So for the most part we stay in the school room to do math, spelling and language. Then head to the living room for History and Science. The kids are totally loving History. We are doing the Sonlight history and language and it is awesome!!! We are reading Om-Kas-Toe, Walk the Worlds Rim and Pedro's Journal. I am learning so much..I love it! I need to finish giving Tyler his spelling and finish the rest of our day....I really enjoy homeschooling these precious kids!!


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

AHHHHHH! I LOVE kitties!!! TOO BAD cause I am extremely allergic!


The Ferrill's said...

Tina we love Sonlight too! All those books you mentioned are so wonderful! We're doing Sonlight history this year, too! We're starting Monday! YIKES! Two toddlers attending our school....I need Bert here too! :)
I love the schooling in the pj's. We do that everyday that we can!
Love ya,

laurel said...

Good luck this school year. My kids start their private school the 27th. I am worried about how we are going to handle homework let alone do the schooling! Once again wow! You are a great mom!

Amber said...

Aww, this makes me miss my babysitting days. =( Have you planned out a bunch of "fun" things for the school year?