March 7, 2007

Outdoor fun

Yesterday while the older kids and daddy were at karate, Sophie and I got to enjoy some one on one time outside in the beautiful weather. She loves being outside. She loves the way leaves crunch when she walks on them and will run back and forth in the leaves just laughing. Her knees are now officially scraped from a couple little falls she had. They now look just like her big sissy's! She loves water and kept wanting to get in the pond. It was so sweet Gully walked with us and stayed between Sophie and the pond. She always loves the kittys and was trying to feed Midnight an acorn.(thankfully he wasnt hungry).
The last picture is of our cat, Lightning. He is our official hunter and is always bringing us nice prizes, like squirrels, moles and decapitiated birds(lovely I know). Well 2 geese landed on our well yesteday morning and Lightning was stalking them. Thankfully he was smart enough to just be an observer.


Laura said...

Awe I just love her! These are sweet pics!

Melody said...

Love these sweet pictures!

The Ferrill's said...

Sophie is such a cutie! Don't you love it when we can wear short sleeves again! Flip-flops, here we come!

Christie said...

She is learning how to work the camera!! They are all so cute I can't pick a favorite.