February 9, 2007

After Surgery pics

Recovery room

Demerol makes you sleepy

Lunging for Momma

Yummy popsicle

While Sophie was still in recovery they took Bert back so he could see her. She did so well. When she came back to our room, she just lunged for me. OHH I just love her. The nurses brought her a popsicle she immediately knew what it was and how to chow down on it! We have never given her a popsicle before so she must have had some in the orphanage. She LOVED IT. She kept making these great faces while she ate it.
She also tolerated her IV so well. She had to have antibiotics before the surgery b/c of her VSD. She is still sleeping and the kids are almost done with school so I might sneak me in a nap!


Monica said...

AWWW...Bless it! Even after surgery she is still so darn cute! I hope she does well and you have a great weekend just hanging out! Stay warm! Love, Monica

Lisa said...

I got your link off the yahoo site. I am glad everything went well today. Hope to meet you in the future.

amber said...

I'm so glad everything went well!! She looks so small in the recovery room picture...poor baby =(

Christie said...

I hope Sophie is doing well after surgery. I love the bow with her hospital gown. I guess I need to start buying Raeleigh some! See you Saturday!