July 26, 2006


Yes...we are sooo excited to be DTC. Karla mailed our dossier this afternoon. So now we are officially waiting for TA(travel approval). Please pray it will come very quickly. We need to get to our baby girl!!! Thanks for all the prayers for the quick 797H they really worked.


Anonymous said...

Hi---I know you don't know me but my husband and Bert grew up together. I met Bert's parents once and part of the Pierce family during a trip to Ozark with my husband's family. I am Kim Reyes and my husband is Mike Reyes. This blog was sent to us from Mike's mom and Ellen sent this to her. We too have a daughter from China. Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary as a family. We are SO excited and proud for you. Our daughter is 3 now and she is AWESOME!! We live in SC and have been here about 1 1\2 years now. Your daughter is beautiful. It is a wonderful experience---Jordan is from Neimenghu Province in Inner Mongolia. We will keep checking your progress and please know that you will be in our prayers. The waiting is horrendous but it will be well worth it. Please email us at mkreyes@aol.com or call us at 864-646-3791 if you would like any travel advice, etc. Sounds like you probably have a good handle on the parenting part since you have waiting brothers and sisters. Whew!! She is our only one and we just kinda make it up as we go along.

Kim :) said...

Whew! I am so excited! Come on TA!!!